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              News information

              November, Max machinery business volume and shipments tend to stabilize

              November, Max machinery business volume and shipments tend to stabilize. The recovery rate is moving in the right direction.

              This month we welcomed the three-system (three-system refers to the quality, environment, occupational health and safety) audit, the audit of the three teachers from the product and service monitoring process; Product and service deadlines and their delivery processes; Customer-related processes; Control of product monitoring process, environmental factors and hazard sources; Operation control of production process, environmental factors and hazard sources; Procurement management and operation control; Management process; We have audited all links of the company from the aspects of supporting processes, environmental factors and hazard sources, and required us to continuously improve the problems found in the audit process. At the last meeting, the general manager analyzed the problems in the audit and required all departments to make corresponding rectification according to the system documents.

              In terms of infrastructure construction, various projects have been carried out as scheduled in accordance with the established plans and plans. At present, the canteen, warehouse, paint spraying room, road and other infrastructure projects are in full swing, it is expected to complete a number of infrastructure projects by the end of the year. During the construction of infrastructure projects, the ministry of safety and environmental protection has relatively avoided and reduced the risks of safety and environmental protection.

              This month, jiaxing guotong security technology service department of the company's risk classification management and control and hidden trouble elimination management of the establishment of the dual system construction manual. In the process of providing information, the safety and environmental protection department of the company's safety and environmental protection hidden dangers again re-examine and eliminate, reduce the workshop in the production process of safety and environmental protection hidden dangers, reduce the risk, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. The next time they give us on-site guidance again, in the process of guidance is a new upgrade.

              In December, we need to set off again. The review of the beautiful factory district will be held in January 2020, and Max will fully participate in it. We hope that in the last month, the leaders of each section will forge ahead to lay a solid foundation for Max 2020.

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